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In 2013, the Lang Family purchased a picturesque piece of Central Texas land in a small community they had never heard of - Gause, Texas.  Having four Junior and Senior High school aged children, the property was meant to be a weekend, hunting getaway from the hustle and bustle of Houston suburbia.  What they did not expect, was to fall in love with their daughter’s Heritage Hereford show calves and the farming lifestyle.  What started out as three, is now a herd of over fifty registered Hereford Cattle.


Vernon and Melissa are now living full time on their ranch and pouring their hearts and souls into improving the eco-system that God has blessed them with.  Richer soils, greener pastures, and healthier, happier livestock is what it is all about!  Everyday they are educating themselves and implementing sustainable farming methods in order to heal the land. 


4C Market welcomes you to be a part of this adventure by purchasing high quality, pasture raised meats, eggs and dairy products.  Vernon and Melissa also love to cook!  Vernon is a true Texan pit master and Melissa is a hometown Cajun girl.  When you visit the Market, you will find samples of their culinary gems waiting for you in the kitchen.  From a simmering pot of gumbo, to freshly baked breads and mouthwatering sweets, there is something to please every palette, from our farm to your table!

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Homemade Salsa

Homemade Salsa

$5.00 per 1 Pint
Fresh Cut Bacon

Fresh Cut Bacon

$7.50 per 1 Pound
Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs

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